Golf All Year Round

Golf All Year Round

Love playing Golf?

If you love playing golf, then why not play all year round? Bad weather can certainly put a dampner on your game.

With our LazyLawn range of artificial turfs they can offer the feel of a well-maintained grass surface, allowing you to keep playing golf even when its bad weather. Golf practise mats are also great for practicing and improving your short game.

Golf is a very popular sport which requires you to practice in order to develop your skills. If you a keen golfer and looking to up your game, then creating your own golf course at home can be a great asset with our artificial lawns.

Getting the right type of artifcial grass is essential for golfers, as you need a lawn which will stand the test of time without affecting your game. When it comes to teeing off, it can put excessive wear on normal grass as well as drying and even fading of it.

Our lazylawn grass for golf areas can help support tees as well as standing up the heat from driving and swinging clubs. There is no need to get concerned about mowing or fertilising the lawn, or treating it for pesticides. You certainly dont need to worry about the grass getting worn as the artificial grass simply springs back into form and doesnt fade over time, no matter how often it is used.

In addition, you can play your game of golf all year round, and certainly dont need to concern yourself about the weather affecting your game. Furthermore, artificial turf has fantastic drainage facilities and doesnt get affected with the lack of sunlight we often experience in the UK. Thus, letting you enjoy your favourite hobbie all year round.

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