Dog-Friendly Lawns

Dog-Friendly Lawns

Dog-Friendly Lawns FAQ

Is the artificial grass dog-friendly?

Most definitely! Dogs love our artificial grass as much as we humans do.  The lovely soft comfort of the grass along with the gentle warmth that artificial grass provides on their paws. When you have an artificial lawn installed correctly, you do not have to worry about your dogs digging it up, as the grass is securely held in place.

Is the grass safe for dogs? 

Yes, it is incredibly safe for dogs. With no toxic chemicals present, it eliminates your dog’s ability to dig holes and find unpleasant surprises. It’s also worth noting its a lovely comfortable surface which your dog with love.

Which is the best artificial lawn for dogs?

A lot of dogs prefer artificial grass over normal grass due to its comfort properties. All the products we supply are safe offering soft surfaces and quick drainage properties. However, our ONE-DNA range is perfect for dogs and cats as it’s water resistant!

Can dogs wee and poo on artificial grass?

If your dog’s pee is on the artificial grass, this is easily countered as the pee can be washed away with a hose or the rain. If it isn’t washed away quickly enough, the pee may start to smell. If you encounter this issue it can be counteracted by using PeeClenZ which deodorizes bad smells.

What happends if dogs wee on artificial lawns?

Fortunately, the artificial grass drains the unwanted liquids which is different from normal turf, it only takes some water. However, in the event it is left for awhile it can release bad odours. Therefore we recommending cleaning the area ASAP. In addition, we would recommend you using LazyLawn AIR, this helps eliminates bad odours through self cleaning technology.

How do you clean dog urine?

The good news is its really easy to clean artificial grass, all you need is some water! Artificial grass is really effective at draining unwanted liquids, including pee! If there are any unwanted smells use PeeClenZ.

Do artificial lawns smell if you have dogs?

All dogs can be a bit smelly from time to time. Although there’s nothing that can stop this, the good news is there are ways to eliminate any nasty smells from your lawn. We recommend PeeClenZ & PoopClenZ when cleaning up the pet-related mess.

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