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Turfing Services in the North East

When it comes to turfing your garden, sometimes no matter how you try, you just cannot get that lovely green lawn.

Weeds, patchy areas from children playing or dogs can spoil your lawn. Hence the requirement for a new lawn.

Whether it is the whole lawn, which needs re turfing or just a section of it. Our landscaping team can advise you on the right solution for your requirements.

Our lawn turfing services include:

• Clearance of area which is to be turfed
• Soil preparation
• Landscaping
• Laying of quality turf
• Any edging required for flowerbeds etc.
• New Lawns
• Re- Turfing of Lawns

Having a landscaping company re turf your lawn can make a big difference. With so many different turfs on the market, it is important to get the right one to suit your needs and requirements.

All the groundwork etc. is prepared correctly to ensure you get the best possible out of your lawn.

Turfing of new lawns

When it comes to the turfing of new lawns. For example for a new house or where renovation work has being carried out. The ground needs to all be prepared and levelled correctly. This is to ensure you end up with a beautiful lawn.

Re – Turfing of lawns

When parts of a lawn or all of it needs replacing due to patches etc. The old grass needs to be dug out and all the ground prepared and levelled. This is prior to laying the new turf, to ensure it all blends in.

Ian Howe Landscaping have over 33 years experience and can help advise you on how to get the best out of your lawn.

We have a vast experience when it comes to all parts of landscaping. Our team work with our customers to ensure the best results for their garden.

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