Artificial Grass Durham

Artificial Grass Durham

Artifcial Grass Durham Area

When looking for artificial grass in Durham. Ian Howe Landscaping are authorised installers and suppliers of LazyLawn artificial grass.

The LazyLawn brand offers top-quality products and has for over 35 years, in-turn they have built up a reputation as  UK’s premier synthetic grass brand.


Artificial lawn installation durham

Fake grass from LazyLawn comes in a range of different styles, pile heights and range of colours, this makes it perfect for gardens, roof terraces, putting greens, patios, and even play areas.

Artificial grass from LazyLawn is ideal for pets and children, letting them play outdoors without having to deal with mud being trampled into the house. If you are a person who suffers from allergies, the turf is perfect for this type of person.

No mowing and no pollen, sufferers can enjoy the garden to the full with no fear of allergic reaction.

When it comes to playground flooring in schools and nurseries, the lazylawn brand of artificial grass has a low-friction finish, therefore it is ideal when it comes to playing football and other sports including general play.

It is a hard-wearing turf which is durable, ideal for multi-use games areas (MUGA). Lanes can be inlayed  into the material in order to make pitches idea for football, tennis and other sports.

Did you know we can even lay hopscotch areas, chess boards, number snakes, roadways and much more ideal for childrens nurseries and schools even home gardens.

Event Artificial Grass Durham

So you holding an event? This is an ideal way to add a flooring for events and exhibitions both indoor and outdoor. Either on a temporary or permanent basis.

Our specialist CAD & CNC machinery and highly trained team, can deliever quality products to meet your companies needs and requirements, In additon, we offer a range of fibre-bonded surfaces, artificial grass,specialist anti-slip surfaces which are perfect for events, exhibitions & expos.

Over recent years our range of grass has been used to cover everything from cruise ships, skyscrapers and lots of projects in between.

If you require a quotation, please get in touch with our team who will be willing to come out and arrange and on-site quotation.

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