ONE DNA Artificial Lawns

ONE DNA Artificial Lawns

One DNA artificial lawns in the North East

The new ONE-DNA artificial lawns are made with just one material and they mark the new standard in artificial grass. This is a huge advancement for the industry and LazyLawn.

100% CIRCULAR SOLUTION for artificial grass

ONE-DNA™ artificial grass consists of just one raw material. In turn this lowers the carbon footprint in production thus maximumising recyclability when the grass is considered ‘end of life’. This unique formula is made from recycled materials which also further reduces the carbon footprint. 

The circular approach ensures that materials used can easily be retained and reused in their initial high value state.

Playable, Colourful and Safe playing areas

This type of artificial grass offers a playable, colourful and safe playing field all year round. ONE-DNA is highly permeable to water. Therefore no rainwater remains on your lawn, instead it gradually drains into the sub-base.  For those who love something a little different, ONE-DNA™ Play is available in various colours. This allows you to be more creative with your design for the outdoor area, offering something for everyone.

ONE-DNA™ artificial lawns consists of a single material: 100% PE, just 1 polymer. For your informatiom the production takes place in an energy-efficient  facility, using significantly less energy than traditional artificial grass products

  • Less Energy
  • The Waste Hierarchy
  • Recycling in its purest form
  • Proven Circular Design

Finally, you can see in the video below, how fast the water drains away with this new ground breaking artificial grass.

Here at Ian Howe Landscaping, we pride ourselves in being the North Easts main installers for LazyLawn grass. Should you require a quotation for your outdoor area, please get in touch. 

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