School Play Areas With Artificial Lawns

School Play Areas With Artificial Lawns

School play areas with artificial lawns?

When it comes to school play areas we use the latest technology and designs using artificial lawns. School play areas can be transformed into a bespoke play area.

Coloured shapes and games can be imprinted in the artificial grass to create a place of fun, adventure and discovery.

LazyLawn artificial lawns can be designed to create super cool play areas for schools. The CAD engineers will take the design and program in the desired shapes creating a bespoke artificial lawn for your school.

Each artificial lawn will can have a unique design inlaid within it, creating the ultimate awesomeness for your school.

So what are the other benefits with Artificial Lawns for School play areas

No.1 – No Mud, No Mess, No Hassle

The reason so many schools are turning to artificial lawns, is very much the same as general households, especially those with Children. With pets and children we the trailing effects of muddy footprints, and paws with lawns. Wet turf can also bring dangers for children with the ground being hard children can trip and cause themselves an injury. Lawns can also loose their beautiful green look after years of being run and trodden on. The difference with artificial lawns is, it is both pleasant on the eye and to play on.

The all year round solution LazyLawn artificial grass

We install the LazyLawn of artificial grass, it offers a hard wearing solution, perfect for multi-use game areas. The artificial lawns looks great all year around, the surfaces are easy to maintain, safe and not dirty. Subsequently the artificial lawns feel just like grass and look great whatever the weather.

At Ian Howe Landscaping our team can create a cool and funky new dimension to your outdoor play area. Enjoy the best days of your life with a super cool outdoor play area.

To find out more about how artificial lawns can benefit your school or outdoor area, please visit our dedicated page 

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