Turfing - Seeding throughout the North East

Turfing – Seeding – Commercial Services in the North East

Turfing and Seeding can make a big difference to outdoor areas.

A lovely lawn can act as a focal point for any green area.

At Ian Howe Landscaping our team will prepare all the ground work for the turfing or seeding.

We use our own extensive range of company owned machinery.

When it comes to laying a new lawn or improving the look of an old lawn. You have two choices one to lay new turf, or re seed the existing one to help improve the look.

No matter which option you choose. Ian Howe Landscaping have over 36 years of experiencing in landscaping. We will work with you to help you get the best out of your project.

There is a huge choice on the market today, when it comes to different types of turfing and seeds. Therefore it is very important that you make the right choice for your requirements.

Choosing the right grass seed product, is not just about picking one off the shelf.

It is about how the lawn is going to be used. For example is it going to have children running or playing on it constantly, or perhaps sports men.

Our lawn turfing and seeding landscaping team, will be able to advise you of the right products, to suit your requirements.

Our other landscaping services include:

Commercial grass cutting
Planting of plants and shrubs
Soft landscaping
Hard landscaping
Fencing installations
Decking installations
Play area and safety surfacing

To find out more about our Turfing and Seeding services. Please give us a call for a FREE no obligation quotation for your project