Weed Control

Weed Control Services by Ian Howe

Weed Control services throughout the North East.

Ian Howe Landscaping use state of the art techniques for the accurate application of weed control products.

This ensures that a cost effective solution is achieved, whilst helping to protect the environment from over treating.

Our landscaping team covers the North East region

Our weeding services include:

  • Total control.
  • Selective control
  • Weeds in grass services.
  • Disease control
  • Grass growth control
  • Insect control
  • Moss & algae control
  • Weeding from hard, soft and gravel surfaces
  • Worm control

Effective weed control, is an essential part of a landscaping maintenance programme.

Weeds can have a negative impact on your landscape, reducing the aesthetic value by harboring insects and diseases.

Our landscaping team will come up with a bespoke weeding programme, to suit your individual requirements.