Tree Services by Ian Howe Landscaping

Tree Services in the North East

Our in-house team carry out tree services such as felling, pruning, shaping, planting and stump grinding.

Ian Howe Landscaping has being established since 1980, and  have gained an excellent reputation in the area for our landscaping services. Which include all types of tree work.

Driven by commitment to superior tree care and conservation. All our staff are highly trained and are very professional.

All the waste is taken away by our own team, and recycled to reduce our impact on the environment.

The logs we collect are cut and split and sold for firewood. Any remaining waste is chipped and reused as ground cover. This ensures that every part of is recycled.

Our Tree Services include:

• Pruning
• Felling
• Crown Reduction/ Shaping
• Pollarding
• Removal
• Stump Grinding
• Planting and Aftercare
• Reports
• Hedge Cutting
• Hedge Removal

Our Customers Include:

Local Authorities, Structural Engineers, Architects, Private Estates, Builders, Housing Developers, Hotels and many Residential Houses and Estates.

Tree Preservation Orders

For trees that are due to be felled. We can check on our customers behalf with the local authorities to make sure that they are no tree preservation orders. Prior to us carrying out any removal work.


Should you require a report for surveys etc. Give us a call and we can arrange this for you.

For all tree works or purchasing of logs contact our landscaping team.