Playground Artificial Grass

Playground Artificial Grass

Introducing our Playground Artificial Grass

Our playground artificial grass by LazyLawn offers a variety of different solutions for playtime including roadway designs, hopscotch and much more.

The LazyLawn roadway design artificial grass offers you the chance to build your own highway, offering a way to teach Children road safety. From zebra crossings, roadways, parking bays, corners, straight roads, t-junctions and traffic lights are all available to complete the look.

Therefore ideal for schools, playgrounds, nurseries and other play areas. They are not just great for inspiring creative play, they also play an important part in teaching children about road safety.  All our LazyLawn artificial grass products have a low friction finish, therefore they are perfect for football and other sports including general play.

Furthermore, the turf for our playgrounds is hardwearing and durable, making it ideal for multi-use games areas. Lanes can be inlaid into the material to create various pitches for football, tennis, hockey and other playground sports.

Recent Project For A Nursery School

Below is a recent project carried out by our team using the Roadway artificial grass designs.

Funky Colours Or Fun Artificial Grass

All our LazyLawn artificial grass is available in a variety of different colours, choose from some of our funky colours or the fun grass range. Whether you prefer red, pink, black or yellow the choice is endless to create a play area in your colour of preference.

Taking Safety Seriously

All the LazyLawn synthetic surfaces are also available with a shock pad foam underlay. This is to provide a soft base for Children whilst playing.

In addition, to comply with Critical Fall Heights over 1.2m, LazyLawn offers a LazyPad foam shock pad – this provides a critical fall height of 1.5m (tested to European Standard EN1177). If required, the underlay can be doubled to offer a critical fall height of 2.5m.

Finally, specialist machinery, software and expertise are used to create these bespoke designs custom made to your requirements.

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