Gateshead LazyLawn Installation Wonder Yarn 26mm

Gateshead LazyLawn Installation Wonder Yarn 26mm

Recent Project – Gateshead LazyLawn Installation using Wonder Yarn 26mm

Gateshead LazyLawn Wonder Yarn 26mm Artificial Grass 

As you can see from the photographs the original turf was in poor condition, the customer opted for a Artificial Lawn to be installed instead of natural turf. You can see from the photographs below the difference it made to their garden. We used Wonder Yarn 26mm Artificial Grass for the installation for its natural looking appearance.

Artificial Grass Installation – Dog Friendly

Although many of us are dog lovers, they can destroy our gardens especially during the winter months.  LazyLawns Artificial Grass helps get rid of this issue for dog owners, no more digging up the turf or trailing in muddy footprints or patches on your grass. With an Artificial Lawn you are simply getting a lush green lawn all year round. Dogs can run around the artificial turf just the same as natural turf, the product is a permeable solution so dog mess can be cleaned and easily picked up. As the rain falls it will help clean your grass, you can also manually hose the grass and use our LazyLawn Artificial Grass cleaners.

The Benefits of our Synthetic Grass for Dogs  

  • Easy cleaning
  • Lovely green lawn all year round
  • No muddy paw prints
  • No need to use weed killer that could risk poisoning your pets
  • No bald and muddy patches
  • Reduced risk of your dog getting lungworm
  • Pet friendly

If you are a dog owner an Artificial Lawn can be the perfect solution. It offers dog owners a perfectly manicured lawn all year round without the maintenance of natural turf. All the grass we install is of high quality, we use LazyLawn artificial grass for its natural looking appearance and quality of product. LazyLawn is currently the UK’s leading artificial grass supplier. They have been constant pioneers with the development of the grass, consistently striving for the most natural looking of products available.

At Ian Howe Landscaping we are the North East’s installer for LazyLawn. Our team of landscapers can not only deliver you a beautiful new artificial lawn, we can use our landscaping skills to deliver you a complete makeover for your outdoor area.

You can find out more about our Lawns on our dedicated page 

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