Winter Artificial Lawns

Winter Artificial Lawns

Winter Artificial Lawns No Muddy Footprints or Pawprints

When it comes to the winter artificial lawns can be the perfect solution for many households. Muddy pawprints and footprints can be a nightmare for the home in bad winter weather. Wth the dragging in of mud from the outside in poor weather condiitons.

In addition,  muddy patches, holes, and yellow stains can also appear on your lawn. Our lazylawn pet-friendly artificial grass is a durable, mess-free and looks great all year round.

Fake grass for dogs is a great alternative to real grass, your dogs can play and run around freely on your lawn. Furthermore they can play  without turning your garden into a mud bath and trailing muddy footprints into the house.

Easy to Clean

No Muddy Paws


No Digging Holes

No Harmful Chemicals

No Stains or Patches

Odour Free

Low Maintenance

Stays Green All Year Round

Our artificial grass is so strong and durable that it can’t be worn out by dogs making it perfect for the winter weather.

Soft on your pets paws

Soft on paws and gentle on fur, your dogs will love playing, running, rolling around, and chilling on LazyLawn as much as real grass. LazyLawn is perfect for animals because as it is non-toxic and doesn’t need poisonous chemicals like fertilisers and pesticides to keep it green. LazyLawn is built and tested for dogs, so you can rest assured your beloved pet is in a safe environment.

Maintaining a green lawn

Maintaining a lovely green lawn is often a challenge for dog owners. However, with LazyLawn’s pet-friendly artificial grass your grass with look fantastic without the mowing, watering, feeding, or re-turfing required from a natural lawn. PoopClenz and PeeClenz  are perfect for sanitising and disinfect to keep your lawn clean and fresh. A winter artificial lawn can be the perfect solution for your outdoor area with less effort spent on maintenance and more time enjoying your lawn with your pets and family.

If you would like a quotation for your outdoor area, please get in touch with our team.