Commercial Artificial Grass Project

Commercial Artificial Grass Project

Commercial Artificial Grass Installation at Trinity Square, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear

We were recently asked to carry out a commercial artificial grass installation at Trinity Square in Gateshead, Tyne & Wear.

We used the LazyLawn Wonderyarn in 26mm for its realistic natural look. As you can see from the final photographs below, the grass certainly finished the area off with a low maintenance, great looking lawn all year round.

trinity-square-gateshead-2 commercial-artificial-grass

In the commercial sector, businesses can benefit from the same advantages as the domestic marketplace does with artificial grass. Years ago we saw it used frequently in sports arenas and fields. Nowadays, Architects, developers and local authorities are looking at installing artificial grass in areas of high foot fall or in places that are expensive to maintain. One of the advantages of having an artificial lawn laid is there is little maintenance at all involved after the installation. Its a child and pet friendly option to make your area look good all year round. All the commercial artificial grass we install is by LazyLawn for its great guarantees as well as being UV resistant. LazyLawn are the UK’s biggest artificial grass supplier. With famous fans including Alan Tichmarsh, Amanda Holden and National Commercial names using the product such as Selfridges, JD Wetherspoons and Centre Parcs, no wonder our team want to install this fantastic brand to businesses and domestic households within the North East.

Commercial areas which artificial grass can be great for are; caravan parks, hotels, nursing homes, nurseries, roundabouts, retail outlets, roof terraces, restaurants and many more. Artificial grass is also widely used at events and exhibitions, its a great way of avoiding muddy feet.

Commercial artificial grass installation specialists

At Ian Howe Landscaping, we have worked in the landscaping industry for over 34 years and have a great eye for detail. All our staff have also been trained to the highest of standards by LazyLawn for installing both commercial artificial grass and domestic.

If you would like a free quotation for your commercial artificial lawns project call our team on 0800 160 1618

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