Wonder Yarn  70m2 & 100m2 Grey Resin Paving

Wonder Yarn 70m2 & 100m2 Grey Resin Paving

Recent project for Wonder Yarn 70m2  artificial grass and 100m2 of grey resin paving



This project involved us using LazyLawns wonder yarn 70m2 in 26mm to lay as an alternative solution to natural turf. We also laid 100m2 of grey resin paving for the patio area. As you can see from the photographs it totally transformed the outdoor area, giving the homeowners a low-maintenance solution for their property.

Why Choose Wonder Yarn?

Wonder Yarn provides the future of artificial grass, and is available in 26mm and 36mm pile lengths. Getting its name from it’s W-shaped blades of yarn provides a real grass look for you green-space areas, alongside being low maintenance and providing the durability you are looking for! The longer length artificial grass provides the most natural looking lawn with soft textures, whereas the shorter provides a more ‘freshly cut’ look. The grass stays at such high quality and at its low maintenance state through the technology that allows the grass to recover after it has been used, this is able to happen due to the W shape of the blades forcing the strands upright and keep the desired look for your lawn.

Why is an artificial lawn a good investment?

An artificial lawn is meting that can provide you with an aesthetically pleasing green space with minimal maintenance. It is ideal from large lawn areas that could be time consuming and difficult to keep to a desired level. Perfect for those who love to have a tidy living space with not so much time on their hands! Artificial grass also keeps its green and healthy colour 365 days a year, never a day where it would disappoint.

Why not take a look at some of our reviews on Check a trade.

Why not check out some of our reviews on  Check a trade?

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