Gateshead Furniture Store Artificial Grass project.

Gateshead Furniture Store Artificial Grass project.

Recent installation for a Gateshead Furniture Store for artificial grass

We were recently asked by a Gateshead furniture store to install artificial grass in the store with LazyLawn.  The Scandinavian chain which sells ready-to-assemble furniture in Gateshead were really pleased with the end results.

Below you can view some of the images for this project in Gateshead

The ideal artificial grass solution for high traffic areas

Lazylawn artificial grass is perfect for areas with high-traffic, especially where maintenance is not always easy. Our brand of artificial grass requires no maintenance apart from the odd occasional sweep or leaf removal. In turn making it a perfect solution for corporate areas.

This type of artificial grass has been used in furniture stores, hotels, hospitals, schools, museums, bars and retail outlets throughout the Country. In addition, when installed in conjunction with other landscaping, for example, water features, flower beds etc most people don’t realise they are not walking on real turf.

Furthermore, due to the fact, there is virtually no maintenance, just a vibrant looking lawn all year round. This product is a long term investment ensuring you have no muddy or unsightly waterlogged areas, proposing health and safety issues. All the Lazylawn products of grass are not slippery and are both safe and attractive.

Using Artificial Grass Indoors

The choices are endless with this type of artificial grass. Indoor carpets are subject to much more wear and tear, than artificial grass. Furthermore, the lifespan of our LazyLawn turf is fifteen years. Cleaning up a mess is also much easier, all is required is some soapy hot water or a light detergent spray. Vacuum cleaners can be used also for everyday dirt, just like on a carpet.

There are many different ways you can use this indoors, due to the fact its different and the green colour helps make visitors feel connected with nature. Many of the LazyLawn products have been used by businesses for exhibitions, trade shows, indoor play areas or show areas like the one featured above.

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