Why choose Artificial Grass for your garden?

Why choose Artificial Grass for your garden?

Swopping turf for artificial grass in your garden

We have all heard people talking about artificial grass, but what are the real benefits for swopping your turf for fake grass?

Artificial grass has some fantastic benefits, which you will read in this article.

If you are fed up with children and animals trailing in muddy footprints into your home during the winter time, you will simply love this product.


Below are a few of the advantages, which we feel artificial grass has in favour of traditional turf

  • No muddy footprints or paw prints, this has to be our No.1
  • No staining from pets on your grass or smells
  • No lawn-mowing in the summer, a big time saver for those summer weekends
  • No more replacing patches of turf, feeding and treating it
  • Only light maintenance is required with artificial grass, another time saver
  • Variety of uses, ideal for sports surfaces, events, exhibitions, around pools/hot tubs, putting greens, play areas
  • Various colour’s and patterns can be created for play areas or businesses
  • Creates beautiful roof gardens – bringing a plain rooftop balcony to life
  • No watering the lawn during summer months, saving your water

The weather and artificial grass

The weather in this Country can be quite a problem in Autumn and Winter. Cold temperatures, frosts, snow and other poor weather conditions can lead to lawns becoming damaged.  Unlike real turf, artificial grass will stay a beautiful green colour no matter what weather comes our way. When the snow arrives and starts to melt, natural turf can certainly start to look at its worse. With artificial grass, all you left with is a beautiful green lush lawn. The artificial grass won’t die or need replacing when it comes to the spring and summer months.


A low maintenance product

The low maintenance appeal of artificial lawns is another big reason people choose to change from turf. No mowing, weeding or trimming, saving you time to enjoy your outdoor area.

Our choice of brand


We use the LazyLawn brand of artificial grass for its realistic looks, outstanding durability and sheer quality of the product. Our team have worked as landscapers for over 34 years and have an excellent eye for detail when it comes to designing your fake lawn.

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