Landscaping news – artificial lawns the new trend

Landscaping news – artificial lawns the new trend

Landscaping news – artificial lawns in the North East

We offer landscaping services for  businesses and residential homes in the North East. However, a new trend has started which is artificial lawns.

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When it comes to grass it is a tough material.  However , it requires the right amounts of water and a lot of attention with seeding, weeding and mowing etc.

All this however is not necessary with the new artificial lawns which are on the market today. Artificial lawns are actually fake grass, the grass is made of synthetic fibre’s which look very real.

Since introduced in 1969 artificial grass has become quite popular.  With technology advancing over the years, the grass looks more realistic than ever. There are a lot more varieties of the grass in the artificial lawns marketplace. Such as various colours, textures and pile heights.

From being popular in stadiums and sports complexes. The trend has grown into the residential marketplace as well. The new grass of today has replaced the old plastic looking grass used in the early years.


So what is the benefit of a artificial lawn to normal turf?

When it come to normal turf it needs looking after and maintaining to keep it looking its best. In the wet weather regular grass can end up muddy with children and animals running on it or digging it up.

The ideal thing with artificial lawns is they are low maintenance. No more muddy footprints or paw prints trailing through your home. No constant mowing to keep the grass looking good. Overall it requires very little maintenance.

For allergy suffers this can be the ideal solution. They can also be the ideal solution for areas with high levels of foot traffic.

Artificial Lawns by Ian Howe Landscaping

All the artificial lawns by Ian Howe Landscaping are installed using synthetic grass. The grass is fully UV stabilized and guaranteed not to fade.

The lawn will help keep your areas clean from irritants, which can allow you to enjoy your outdoor area.

At Ian Howe Landscaping we install the LazyLawn artificial grass. We have grass for almost every situations you cannot go wrong. All our LazyLawn products have a lifespan over 15 years. Oh and of course they are pet friendly for our beloved friends.

When it comes to us installing your artificial lawn the possibilities are endless. From a simple a,b,c or snakes and ladders to perhaps a logo installing in your lawn for your business. Our landscaping team can create a unique piece of art in your outdoor area.

We carry out LazyLawn installations throughout the North East, for Architects, developers, local authorities and general public.

All our Artificial lawns come with the LazyLawn manufacturers Guarantees of up to 10 years.

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