Artificial Grass & Tobermore Paving Project

Artificial Grass & Tobermore Paving Project

Paving Project & Artificial Grass

This recent project in the North East involved us laying a patio using tobermore blocks and in addition we added walling with tobermore we also laied 26mm of artificial grass.

Furthermore for the second area we used Tobermore Shannon block paving and tobermore walling in heather.

These lawns can transform an area, see below some of the reasons more and more people are choosing to opt for this in their outdoor areas.

Bringing artificial grass to life

Artificial grass is something that we are all aware of. However the broad variety of uses that it can have is surprising to most. Alongside making your lawn look scenic all year round. It is something that can have uses in play areas, golf putting greens and even gyms!  Of course all it provides an easy maintenance, pleasing to the eye look. We take pride in how it has improved many lawns and the many uses that it provides.

The use of it in play areas

What’s the benefit of artificial to real grass in play areas? The majority of the answer comes from the durability of it being significantly better standard than a typical lawn. Children, especially those that are extremely active, cause damage to natural grass. Replacing it with artificial removes the damage the children can cause and keep the space aesthetically pleasing (and still lots of fun for the kids!). With the reduction of muddy grass, accidents also tend to decrease. Alongside the extra bonus that it is hypoallergenic, allowing children that suffer bad allergies to enjoy the fun as much as anyone else.

Artificial grass to be used in gym areas

From the emergence of COVID-19 life has not been the same, our accessibility to the gym is one of the many things that has altered. For some, outdoor gyms have become our only option, and concrete and natural grass have not been the best alternative to the regular gym flooring. The installation of artificial grass in outdoor gym areas has allowed many to enjoy track racking, strength and conditioning and weight training without damaging their lawns and public spaces. Rain or shine the installation remains clean and usable, the reduction of mud has allowed equipment to be placed down without damage and a broader range of activities to take place. Gyms may also consider installing this for those that have access to an indoor facility. Artificial grass is popular in making indoor running tracks, creating designated areas for those who specialise in the sport and when not in use. An area that can also be used for other exercises or classes ran by the gym.

Using artificial grass as an at home putting lawn

For golf lovers, 2020 has not been the same. With restricted access to the sport throughout long lockdowns and complications, and at home practice putting lawn may be man option for you. With the installation of artificial grass in two lengths, a putting lawn is something perfectly possible. Bringing the benefits of much easier maintenance, easy installation. The convenience of your own personal putting if lawn in your own garden. Mini golf courses also benefit hugely to the artificial grass installation fining this grass provides the best experience and keeps damage to the course at the lowest levels.

Finally if you would like more information on our paving services or artificial lawns, please get in touch.

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