Seaham Artificial Lawn Installation

Seaham Artificial Lawn Installation

Recent artificial lawn installation in Seaham 

This job was carried out in Seaham for an artificial lawn installation. The project required a patch of artificial lawn to be fitted so that some play frame equipment could be installed. Due to the properties of LazyLawn Sovereign, the grass provides enough comfort and safety to be able to prevent the kids from damaging themselves on the play frame. 290m2 of LazyLawn sovereign was used to complete the job and the end product was brilliant. The customer was very satisfied with the results. The properties of the grass had to be considered before carrying out the job as it can contribute to many factors associated with the people who will be using it.


LazyLawn Sovereign Artificial Lawn

LazyLawn Sovereign is known as the family artificial lawn as it is soft feeling and very durable. It includes the newest XQ2 technology which is used to keep the blades upright. The use of this technology keeps the grass looking in the best condition possible. Fewer hexane copolymer side chains create even more crystalline fibres. The increased crystallinity makes it easier to retain fibre shape through the full production process of finer fibres. The use of this grass allows for a safe playing area which the customer asked for and they were happy with the result. Many other schools request this grass due to this reason however it is also suitable for gardens. The best areas where the grass can be implemented are areas which children will play or areas where you can lie down and rela. It is a comfortable and soft feeling grass which will not cause any pain or irritation. When installed at home, it is low maintenance in combination with durability which causes no concern of the grass wearing away eventually.

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