Resin Driveway Gateshead

Resin Driveway Gateshead

Resin Driveway & LazyLawn Artificial Grass Gateshead

Another beautiful resin driveway and LazyLawn artificial grass project by our team. For your information, we carried out this project at Lowell, Gateshead. The area was 480m2, Golden Pea and Silver were used to create the resin driveway. Furthermore, for the artificial grass, we used Wonder Yarn 36mm for its natural looking appearance.

Resin Driveways

Resin driveways naturally drain water through the surface, decreasing the chance of puddles or flooding. The resin we use is a resistant product offering an all-around better traction for vehicles tyres and for walking on. In short, this product is both attractive and hardwearing, environmentally friendly and for your information, it is SuDs compliant.

Designing Resin Driveways

In the first place, we offer a wide range of styles, colours and finishing touches to complement the surrounding area. Of course, when visitors arrive at your home or business you want to create a good first impression. Therefore, from the initial design, through to the planning, choosing the products and carrying out the project. We are here to advise, help and ensure you get a result which will complement your surrounding landscape.

LazyLawn Artificial Grass

As shown above, our artificial grass by LazyLawn looks absolutely stunning. Wonder Yarn 36mm was used for this particular project for its natural looking appearance. LazyLawn over the years has established themselves as one of the UK’s largest grass suppliers. Their products are perfect for homeowners or businesses wanting a mud-free and low-maintenance solution for their garden. Coupled with the recent hot weather we have experienced many lawns have started to look tired and have lost their lovely green appearance. With the LazyLawn artificial grass and not to mention their UV filters, this is not something you need to concern yourself about. Furthermore, we are the preferred supplier and installer for LazyLawn artificial grass in the North East and fully trained in installing their products.

Free Quotation

Finally, if you would like a FREE quotation for a resin driveway or artificial lawn, please get in touch, you will find all our details on the contact us page. 

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