Porcelain Patio Stones, Wonder Yarn 36 Artificial Grass

Porcelain Patio Stones, Wonder Yarn 36 Artificial Grass

Porcelain Patio Stones, Planters & 90m2 of Wonder Yarn 36 artificial grass

This recent project in South Shields involved us laying 90m2 of Wonder Yarn 36 artificial grass. We also installed pink planters and a beautiful porcelain patio.

What is Wonder Yarn?

Wonder Yarn is a best selling artificial grass. The product is made from W-shaped green strands of yarn that create a realistic yet perfect finish. This type of artificial grass is low-maintenance, natural looking and durable. The patterns within the lawn allows the surface to recover after pressure from activity is placed upon it. The green blades are forced to stand back upright meaning your lawn is kept looking perfect even after use. The 36mm pile lengths that we used are recommended for the most soft and authentic look, which is what gave such a beautiful results. This award winning artificial grass is ideal for homes that have children that are particularly active, not only does the mud free garden encourage them to be in the outdoors more during such a technology take-over era, it also means that there is minimal damage or mess on the lawn left to clean up.

The porcelain patio stones added the perfect clean finish to the garden, they are; 

  • Highly resistant to stains and scratches, increasing their lifespan and durability all year round.
  • Improved slip resistance by reduced algae build up, in place to keep safety in the garden alongside great aesthetics due to a cleaner look.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean, making garden work short and simple.
  • They also come in a variety of colours, meaning that you can choose whichever one fits into your garden best and creates your own personal look. The range of choices can be the perfect final touch to bring your garden all together and add small details that make such a huge difference.

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