Astro Turf Playing Field Completed Using LazyLawn For A School In Newcastle

Astro Turf Playing Field Completed Using LazyLawn For A School In Newcastle

Recent installation of Astro Turf in a Newcastle School using LazyLawn Artificial Grass

We have recently installed an Astro turf playing field using LazyLawn artificial grass for St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Benwell, Newcastle.

Over 400 square feet of artificial turf by LazyLawn was rolled out to resurface the schools hard surface in the schoolyard.  St Joesph’s Catholic School decided to install the Multi-Soccer lawn over the summer to make the yard more attractive and comfortable giving the school children a larger choice of outdoor activities.


Miss Elaine Mathews, Head Teacher at St Joesph’s said, ” The new turf has transformed the yard and changed for the better the way the children play. Previously, then tended just to play football in the area, now we’ve noticed they’re now relaxing and socializing more on the artificial grass”.

“We can also play different sports on the new Astro turf, such as hockey. Staff and parents have noticed that the atmosphere has changed within the yard, at the end of the day it takes longer than it used to for the children to leave the school, as they enjoy the new artificial lawn so much.”

Miss Mathews chose LazyLawn artificial grass after being impressed by its appearance. “We wanted something that had a real visual impact,” she explained, “and LazyLawn certainly has that, six months later it looks as good as the first day it was installed.”

The high-quality artificial grass is proving to be very popular with nurseries, preschools and schools. Throughout the country, after transforming hundreds of outdoor play areas over the last few years.

Our team at Ian Howe Landscaping installed the lawn, we are very proud of the way the artificial lawn looks, we’re finding more schools like St Joesph’s Catholic School are interested in getting a LazyLawn for their schools. St Joesph’s will have many benefits from having the LazyLawn artificial lawn installed as its low maintenance, mess free and suitable for people who suffer from hay fever, making it an ideal solution for use all year round.

So why choose a LazyLawn artificial lawn?

LazyLawn is the flagship brand of Evergreens UK, over the past few years, they have seen demand for their products grow by 25%. Over the last year due to its popularity with schools, nurseries, homeowners and businesses have been looking to reap the rewards of its low maintenance.

The LazyLawn artificial grass is also popular with celebrities, including Amanda Holden and Alan Titchmarsh, it is the preferred artificial turf for big brands such as Selfridges, Center Parcs, JD Wetherspoon and Big Brother.

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