Stunning artificial lawn installations by our team

Stunning artificial lawn installations by our team

Recent LazyLawn Artificial Lawn Installations

We have had a busy few months with LazyLawn artificial lawn installations throughout the North East. More and more people are opting for the ease of an artificial lawn. There are many benefits involved in installing

Lots of people are opting for an artificial lawn, the reason for this is the huge amount of benefits they offer. Benefits include no mowing, no weeding, and very little maintenance indeed, plus the lawns are pet and child-friendly.

As people get older larger gardens often get harder to manage and maintain. Often people can end up moving home to a place with a smaller lawn due to the fact Maintenace becomes harder.  There is no need to move home there is another solution with our LazyLawn artificial lawns. No matter how large or small your garden is, this could certainly cost a lot less than all the costs of moving. Hours are spent by homeowners each year trying to maintain their lawns. Furthermore, this option can allow homeowners to spend more time enjoying their garden than maintaining it.

Check out these recent projects with before and after photos,

For the project below we used 36mm Wonder Yarn at Stanley. 


For your information, all the grass we install is from the LazyLawn brand of fake grass. The company has established itself as the UK’s largest supplier of artificial grass.

The LazyLawn brand of grass comes in many different colours, textures and pile heights. In addition, the products have come on leaps and bounds over the recent years. With companies such as Selfridges, JD Weatherspoon and Centre Parcs using the LazyLawn brands of grass.

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