Garden Turf North East

Garden Turf North East

Garden Turf North East Project

A recent project for laying new garden turf in the North East. The project involved us laying turf to a new recently built property, the homeowner now has a beautiful perfectly green lawn.

Is Turfing Easy?

Unfortunately, turfing your garden is not as easy as you may think, it is actually quite hard to achieve a perfect looking lawn.

For this reason, it is best to have a professional carry out the installation for you. At Ian Howe Landscaping we have been carrying out turfing since 1980 almost 40 years.

Apart from a new home, often in most cases, we are asked to install new garden turf is down to wear and tear, often once it is ruined it’s hard to get a healthy looking lawn back. In some cases, you may only require a small section turfing, which is not a big problem. However, it is still best to get an expert opinion as there are so many different types of turf on the market you need the best type to suit your lawn.

Prior to our team carrying out any turfing, we ensure all the groundwork is carried out, for example, any levelling of the ground. This helps ensure your lawn will be laid in the best possible condition.

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The Importance of Lawn Maintenance

Once we have laid your garden turf and your lawn looks lovely, you may want to think about having regular lawn maintenance. In order to keep your lawn looking good, especially just after turfing it is advisable to have regular maintenance carried out. Here at Ian Howe Landscaping, we can take care of this and any other landscaping requirements.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Grass cutting. This includes rotary, cylinder, collection, , flail and strimming.
  • Lawn treatment programmes and renovation.
  • Lawn landscaping and levelling.
  • Pest and disease control and weeding.

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