Wonder Yarn Transformations

Wonder Yarn Transformations

Wonder Yarn Transformations in Newcastle & Hebburn

Recent Wonder Yarn transformations in Newcastle and Hebburn.

We have recently installed two artifiical lawns on in Newcastle and the other in Hebburn using Wonder Yarn 26mm. You will see from the photos below how realistic this grass actually does look on both these projects in the North East.

Our Artificial Grass Installations

Quality is important to us when installing artificial grass, a good product can bring your garden back to life.

We use LazyLawn which are the UK’s biggest artificial grass supplier. These products are great for people wanting a low maintenance, mud-free garden to use all year round. Many homeowners over the years have swopped their natural turf and opting for a low maintenance option they can use all year round.

Furthermore, we offer a variety of different turf’s quite a few different colours, textures and pile heights. The turf we used on both the above projects in Newcastle and Hebburn was Wonderyarn 26mm. This is certainly one of our most popular types of grass out of the whole portfolio.

Artificial grass is used now a days in many places, lawns,  patios, pool sides, putting greens, corporate events and much more.

In addition, if you are a pet owner these products are a must-have, they offer an attractive looking lawn all year round. The plus point is no digging, muddy footprints or ruined lawn. Just a great looking lawn all year round which is ideal for pet owners.

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