The New Range Of Air Artificial Grass

The New Range Of Air Artificial Grass

Introducing AIR Artificial Grass

There are some very concerning statistics about the effects of pollution and what it can cause. It is estimated that there are around 7 million people that die from fine polluted particles. These fine polluted particles which we intake lead to more serious conditions such as heart disease, lung cancer and other respiratory issues. The new range of artificial lawns with Pureti technology is capable of purifying air pollution by oxidising organic components. By introducing technology such as AIR, it provides a sustainable, cleaner environment. Another advantage AIR provides is that it breaks down pet odours, mould, moss and algae without any concern for pollution.

Benefits of AIR Artificial Grass

The biggest benefit of the newest technology is the ability to prevent the growth of mould, moss and algae. Another positive would be how durable the product is, there is no need to worry about how much tension it can withstand over its lifespan. This would include pets and anyone who will interact with the lawn. The artificial grass has a low maintenance level due to its self-cleaning technology and air purifying system.

The purifying process

The artificial grass which is treated with AIR technology reduces nitrogen oxides from car emissions and industrial factories. It also reduces methane emissions from animal excretion and formaldehyde emissions from your own households. The process begins with sunlight striking the surface to activate photocatalytic TiO2 particles. The humidity of the area is transformed into oxidizing elements that destroy compounds and pollutants in the atmosphere and transform them into water vapour. This process is an ongoing cycle that can be performed exponentially if you invest in the new AIR artificial grass. Improving air quality is our aim to provide a safer environment for years to come. With new technology such as award winning Pureti, we will see major improvement in pollution levels in the coming years.