Aritificial Grass for Nursery Equipment

Aritificial Grass for Nursery Equipment

Artificial Grass – Amazing for Nursery Play Areas…

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing children and toddlers playing safely using park equipment and outdoor play furniture, especially when installed alongside Artificial Grass.

Artificial grass installations are perfect for toddler’s play areas, nursery schools, school playgrounds & recreation sports areas as well as for the home of course.

Aritificial Grass for Nursery Equipment – Low maintenance

LazyLawn have a huge range of artificial grass solutions suited to all requirements and outdoor spaces. Artificial Grass is really hardwearing, durable, long lasting and super easy to care for and keep looking in tip-top shape.

Combining LazyLawn with special underlays helps ensure critical fall height guidelines are met and can also reduce the risk of injury should someone fall when using nursery equipment. Artifical grass also provides a less abrasive surface than a traditional rubber crumb infill.

When installing artificial grass, infills are also installed to help support the grass and keep it looking great for longer, it also helps keep the lawn cooler in the summer too. Did you know that we can also install a shock pad in areas where you need extra fall height protection? Typically these settings would be around playgrounds and climbing frames where protecting injury is super important.

Heard of the term Astro Turf? Well traditionally astro turf would be used in childrens play areas along with many other environments, however it was never really a good enough alternative to real grass for sports or schools, as it was too harsh against the skin. LazyLawn has a superb range of solutions that address the old issues and so you can find a perfect Artificial Grass solution which is suited to any of the following applications….

  • Nursery School play areas
  • Playgrounds & Climbing Equipment
  • Multi Play areas
  • Football Pitches
  • School play Areas
  • Multi-use gaming Areas

All LazyLawn installations and products are backed by our 10 Year guarantee, and when maintained properly they can last much longer.

Did you know…. all of our installation teams have public liability insurance as well as employees liability insurance in place and when required for a job have full DBS checks in place for any member of staff on site. Rest safe in the knowledge that we provide a quality product, service and extensive guarantee – you’re safe in our hands.