In Store Display Artificial Grass

In Store Display Artificial Grass

In Store Displays using Artificial Grass

When it comes to in-store displays with artificial grass, here at Ian Howe Landscaping we cna install unique flooring for your indoor display. Pop-up shops, promotions and window displays. A wide range of artificial grass in various colours, and textures are available with the addition of a large range of exhibition grade carpets which can be made to suit your brief.

Events and in-store promotions

Offering both a cost-effective solution and providing a high-quality aesthetic, this is the ideal way to make a display more impactful and eye-catching.
With our specialist installation techniques we can lay temporary flooring onto many surfaces, including carpet and marble, in-turn ensuring the flooring does not move or buckle under heavy foot traffic or trolleys. Furthermore when removed our flooring will leave no markings even after many months or years.

In addition, all our staff are aware of all health and safety regulations for fitting artificial flooring in an open or closed shop environment.

With our unique cutting service, we are able to manufacture stunning flooring with brand logos or designs that are inlaid into the surface.

Airport artificial grass displays

For your information, we also specialise in indoor grass airport installations, no matter if its a red carpet for VIPs, or a chill-out garden in T3, or an in-store display. Our highly qualified staff are experienced in working in  high-traffic areas and fully understand all the safety requirements associated.

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