LazyLawn – Artificial Lawn Installation

LazyLawn – Artificial Lawn Installation

LazyLawn, Artificial Lawn Installation – Community Centre Sunderland

Stunning Lazylawn artificial lawn installation in Sunderland.

We have recently just finished this project in Sunderland for a community centre. The project was to install a beautiful artificial lawn, using LazyLawns Wonder Yarn 26mm.

The appearance of stripes in the large area of grass looks absolutely stunning. Giving an overall finish of a natural looking lawn. By installing the artificial lawn instead of natural turf. The community centre now has a low maintenance, good looking lawn all year around. Just in time for the winter months ahead.

No more muddy footprints trailing into the community centre, just another happy customer.

Artificial lawns are the ideal option for businesses 

When we are busy running a business, the last thing we want to be worried about is keeping our lawns looking beautiful. Generally to do this you need to either hire a landscaping company such as ourselves. Someone who can take care of all your landscaping requirements. However, there is another alternative, which is installing an artificial lawn.

Artificial lawns can have many benefits including;

  • No muddy footprints
  • No mowing, keeping area clean from irritants
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers
  • Fully UV stablised grass

With artificial lawns for businesses the possibilities are endless. 

Take for example your company or school logo. What about having it inserted into your lawn? Yes that is possible. Or perhaps a simple a,b,c or 1, 2, 3 motto for your school or nursery. We can even create designs such as snakes and ladders.


In 2011 at Ian Howe Landscaping, artificial lawns became part of our core services. We became a LazyLawn licensee and decided to operate throughout the North East. All the staff at Ian Howe Landscaping are fully trained to the highest standards by LazyLawn. This brand is the largest stockist in the UK of artificial grass.

We have a great eye for detail, with working in the landscaping industry for over 34 years. If you would like us to help with your artificial lawns project, give us a call

You can also view our video and find out more about our LazyLawn artificial lawn installations on our dedicated page 

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