Sloped Garden & Driveway Ideas

Sloped Garden & Driveway Ideas

Sloped Garden and Driveway Designs

Any garden or driveway can be difficult to design, however those that are sloped create an even bigger challenge. However with the work of some advanced engineering, your sloped garden or driveway can leave your property looking amazing!

The use of steps in a sloped garden

If your house is on a much higher level than your garden, the use of steps can be an excellent idea to ensure that it is accessible and also aesthetically pleasing. Steps ensure that you can not only reach the lower levels of your garden safely, but allows you to create yous own ‘levels’ in your property that are more accessible, which can even open up your garden more.

Fire pits

For those that have a garden with what seems like a huge ‘pit’ drop, why not take advantage of this! Creating a fire pit with seats installed where the gap in the garden is located creates a modern fix that will make your summer garden nights perfect! Not only this, a built in seating area allows other space in the garden to be left free as no extra furniture shall be required.

Multi-level gardens

For driveways especially, many people may dread having a hill to start their car on. For this we suggest creating multi-levels with the use of stairs and levelling to allow your driveway to be as flat as possible yet still accessible to your home. For example, at the end of your driveway there may be stairs leading up or down to your home. You can fill the levels in your gardens with whatever you feel fits your home the most. This can vary from flower beds, seating areas, or even swimming pools.

For those that need some extra advice on how they can make a sloped driveway or garden work for them, we are always happy to help offer additional advice! Contact us and let your mind ease with design stress.