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Introducing Our Unique LazyPlay Tracks Suitable for The Daily MileTM

Introducing Our Unique LazyPlay Tracks Suitable for The Daily MileTM

Unique LazyPlay Tracks Suitable for The Daily MileTM

The LazyLawn LazyPlay tracks are a durable and low-maintenance asset for schools which can create a ‘WOW factor’ in turn unmatched by other similar types of surfaces. LazyLawn activity track can be used throughout the year no matter the weather,  no more muddy shoes or footprints trailing into the classroom.

LazyLawn offer an unparalleled expertise when it comes to supply and installation of artificial grass. Offering a range of vibrant colours with endless possibilities that can be customised for the perfect track for playgrounds. A LazyLawn activity track is both quick and hassle-free. 

Ian Howe Landscaping are dedicated installers of all LazyLawn products in the North East and have an excellent reputation for quality workmanship. If you would like to see some of our work, please visit our galleries.

About the Daily MileTM

The Daily MileTM is a project which has been implemented in schools in order to motivate children encouraging them to complete a mile every day with the aim of providing them with the excercise for a more healthier lifestyle. This can be done by either run running, jogging, or walking for 15 minutes per day.

This initiative has been implemented by over 10,000 schools and is carried out in 71 countries around the globe, it has been mainly aimed at primary schools however it can be carried out in secondary schools, universities, workplaces, and retirement homes. Currently over 2.3 million children have signed up to take part in the challenge with 5,000 UK schools signed up.

Free Quotations for LazyPlay Tracks

We are the North East’s installers for Lazy Lawn artificial grass and the LazyPlay tracks, if you would like a free quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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