Lawn transformations using LazyLawn artificial grass

Lawn transformations using LazyLawn artificial grass

Stunning lawn transformations with LazyLawn artificial grass in the North East


Over the past year we have seen some fantastic lawn transformations, using LazyLawn artificial grass in the North East. You can view a selection of these transformations in our gallery The main benefits of artificial grass especially in the winter months are no muddy paw or footprints. However, with no mowing, feeding and a great looking lawn all year round. More and more people are opting for an artificial lawn. Maintaining a lawn takes a lot of work to keep it looking good. In the winter months often mud is trailed into our homes with children and pets running in and out of the house. Mud patches often appear on our lawns which can be unsightly to say the least. With LazyLawn artificial grass this soon becomes a thing of the past, giving you a beautiful lawn you can use all year round.

Why not create your own Winter Wonderland with LazyLawn artificial grass?

lawn transformations-artificial-grass Yes, thats right, LazyLawn have just introduced a great new product. As well as the funky colours collection which is available and ideal for Children’s play areas. They have brought out 3 grass types for winter in white. So if you fancy creating something a little different this Christmas, this may just be the product you need.

Using artificial grass for exhibitions and shows 

LazyLawn artificial grass is the ideal solution when it comes to difficult to maintain areas, especially with high traffic. With the low maintenance benefits which the grass offers, the only real ongoing maintenance after installation is the occasional sweeping or collection of leaves. Using landscaping products such as plants, beds and water features with your artificial lawn, gives a highly authentic look. Our team can help work with you to create the look and feel you desire for your event. After heavy rain, grass can turn into muddy patches, which can become slippery. Artificial grass can be a much safer option especially when planning exhibitions or events. Whether your event is outdoors or indoors, artificial grass can be used for a wide variety of projects. With the fantastic choice of textures and colours you will be spoilt for choice.

Find out more about LazyLawn artificial grass installations?

You can find out more on our dedicated page for LazyLawn artificial lawn installations. 

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