Gym Flooring – Artificial Grass

Gym Flooring – Artificial Grass

The rise in Artificial Grass for gym flooring

Crossfit gyms across the country have introduced a larger range of artificial grass as gym flooring. This is due to a greater demand for grass training. Grass areas are implemented across multiple areas within the gym due to different exercises such as sprinting, sled push areas and Olympic exercises. There are many products that are popular such as Meadow Twist which is hard-wearing with a uniformed pile size. Another product is the Wonder 26 which is typically fitted in a certain direction and has a 26mm-pile. When fitted there is typically a hard push direction and an easy push direction which benefits people at different levels.

Properties of grass flooring

There is a range wide of different activities to perform on artificial grass such as sled pushing and sprinting therefore the grass needs to be able to withstand certain weights. It also needs to be comfortable to a certain extent to prevent injury and be difficult to damage. Many gyms which have the grass installed are public therefore it will be tested constantly so it has to be long-lasting. Not only can the artificial grass be tough and long-lasting. It can also provide a great atmosphere due to its aesthetics, with imprinted logos and styles available.

The gym flooring we offer

We offer a full fitting service with all gym flooring with the opportunity to have custom designs implemented within the grass structure. This could be corporate logos, lane markings or measurement markings which can be pre-installed within the grass. This can be a range of different colours to match the surroundings within the gym. DIY customisation can also be achieved by watching videos provided by the original equipment manufacturer. Different shapes and sizes are also provided with installation to match the aesthetics of the rest of the gym.

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