Soft Landscaping at the heart of our company

Soft Landscaping in the North East

Soft Landscaping has always being at the heart of our company, as this discipline is what the foundations of the company was built on.

As Ian Howe Landscaping has grown in size, we have become experts in many different avenues such as paving, artificial grass, building walls. But our foundations skills of tree and shrub planting, seeding and turfing still stay at the forefront of our company.

Our landscaping teams can handle projects from small one off work to large commercial developments.

So what is soft landscaping?

Soft landscaping is the process of designing elements of a landscape that don’t involve any construction work. These usually include, trees, shrubs, flowers, potted plants, hanging baskets etc.

With soft landscaping you can easy change the look of your premises. Certain elements of soft landscaping can take longer to develop than others and long term planning comes in to the equation. Shade trees and conifers can take years to reach their mature heights, which is the same for shrubs to develop in to hedges to give that extra privacy.

At Ian Howe Landscaping we can discuss all the options with you, as well as put together long term plans for your project.

Other parts of soft landscaping can be changed on a yearly basis. Such as flowers and plants etc.

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